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        February 28th, 2012
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In South East Europe Brownfields pose a challenge. Being areas where investments could transform them to motors for job creation, they represent an underexplored economic value for SEE. But urgent action is required since the current situation - where huge areas, very close to cities, remaining unexploited- is heavily damaging the image of the cities, weakening their competitive investment position and influencing employment and economic growth. In the SEE area this process is already delayed and hindered due to legal, financial, organisational and bureaucratic problems.

Though RETINA project, 9 partners from 7 different SEE countries joined forces to develop the necessary tools and methodology to tackle the problem in an integrated way, focusing on successful sustainable brownfield revitalization and stakeholder engagement in all steps of the process.

The main objective is to ensure growth, competitiveness and quality employment in the areas by preparing a series of concrete revitalisation and investments plans to catalyze revitalisation while contributing to a quality urban environment. At the same time specific tools and methodology will be developed which can be made available to many other cities in SEE coping with similar problems and challenges.

The project will develop a common brownfield revitalization method which incorporates the method on integrated master-planning and the method for stakeholder engagement, as well as a model masterplan and process management tool for stakeholder engagement.

Each partner will carry out a regional case study and a needs analysis that will result in a regional brownfield revitalization plan and a relevant investment program.

Exploiting the transnational dimension of the partnership 3 thematic Taskforces will jointly develop 3 transnational case studies, 3 transnational benchmarks and peer reviews, 4 masterclasses and 3 training sessions for the brownfield stakeholder groups.

The transnational case studies will result in joint experiences in Private-Public Partnership and ownership constructions, early commitment of private sector in dealing with contaminated sites and branding of a brownfield using a design contest.

RETINA is the chance for re-boosting economy and social growth in areas where heavy industry used to play key role in the life of the cities.

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